Cloud-based Phone Systems

for Small Business

Upgrading Phone Systems – Downsizing Phone Bills

  • Enterprise-class communications
  • Reduce your monthly phone costs 40-60%
  • State of the art (99.999%) reliability

StrongTel eliminates the cost of managing an on-premises phone system and the cost of phone line and toll charges. And…assures you of Cloud and on-site network reliability. A StrongTel phone system improves communications with staff and your customers, while reducing monthly cost 40% to 60%.

StrongTel phone systems include:

  • Unlimited inbound and outbound domestic calling
  • Communicator desktop application for each user
  • No expensive hardware, software or on-going maintenance
  • No charges for multiple analog phone lines
  • No toll or long-distance charges
  • No monthly support contracts
  • Business continuity: never miss a call due to on-site network equipment issues or Internet service interruptions

...Plus powerful desktop and mobile Unified Communications applications are available to take business communications to a new level by tightly integrating with your StrongTel office phone system. Communicator and Communicator Go add premium features for successful collaboration with your staff including IP Phone integration, softphone, messaging, conferencing, CRM access, file transfer and more – even while you're out of the office.

Reliability is Everything

StrongTel uses reliable, well-proved telecommunications technology instead of analog phone lines and telephone poles. Our network resides in six geographically-distributed (redundant), fail-safe data centers. Our system engineers work closely with customers IT professionals to insure that the focus on reliably extends to your internal network. Each StrongTel project begins with an on-site needs analysis and every new phone system is designed and configured for each customer’s specific requirements. IT professionals and StrongTel system engineers work together as a team to insure the network configuration provides:

  • Internal network support for the phone application
  • Fail-over switching for business continuity
  • Browser-based system monitor to manage the phone/unified communications system
  • Automatic real-time back-up of all phone system settings and call detail reports

StrongTel works seamlessly with what you already use:

We support. You grow.

Our customer support is exceptional and works with many organizations in hospitality, real estate, healthcare, manufacturing, energy, and nonprofits in their most critical communication needs. Service personnel are available 24/7 to respond to your communications needs.

As your business changes over time, StrongTel is your telecommunications team, evolving your phone system to meet the changing needs of your your customers, your staff – your business!