About us

Upgrading Phone Systems - Downsizing Phone Bills

Who we are

StrongTel Communications is an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP), specializing in phone and Unified Communications solutions for small and medium-size business. Since 2008, we have served the communication needs of business, healthcare, government and non-profit organizations. We built our foundation on experience, stability and quality. StrongTel provide sales and support Pensacola, Florida, and Walnut Creek, California.

What we do

StrongTel Communications builds and maintains robust and reliable phone systems based on proven telecommunications technology and on-site network reliability. We eliminate the cost of managing and maintaining an on-premises phone system, analog phone lines, toll charges and maintenance agreements. We save you money and improve your communication with your staff - and most important, your customers!

StrongTel sales/Pensacola: 850.898.9200

StrongTel sales/Walnut Creek: 925.351.8755


StrongTel support: 855.423.1706


Billing questions? 850.898.9200